Jay Middleton is a San Francisco Bay Area singer/songwriter who has been writing songs, releasing albums, forming & leading bands and entertaining people at thousands of live performances since 1985.

Middleton recently released his first solo album “Forward”, an “uplifting & ambitious, deeply textured & exquisitely produced album with a polished sound that unfolds kaleidoscopically into a variety of configurations.”1

Many decades of personal friendships & musical connections aligned around the writing & recording of “Forward”. Some of the finest musicians that the vibrant & historic SF Bay Area music community has to offer coalesced around Middleton’s new songs to produce a record that critics are calling “the deeply considered, wickedly detailed work of mature talents.”1

The album was recorded during the outbreak of Covid – a time of great strife and transition for all of us. The themes are purposefully hopeful and optimistic in the face of all the negativity and division that surrounded us then – and that still surrounds us all today. Songs about the struggles, hopes and dreams that we all share and experience trying to move ourselves “Forward” through life.

The Jay Middleton Music online store is where fans can purchase CDs and Merchandise (T-shirts).

1 Joel Selvin, ““Forward” album review, November 1, 2022

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